Alcon Front Brake Kit | 2018 - 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL

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Alcon introduced the JL Wrangler Heavy Duty Brake Kit because a lot of JL owners were looking for a huge upgrade in braking performance and some features not found in any other kits on the market. High temperature seals as used in motorsports applications, dust seals for performance in the worst conditions, and a low profile designed to fit under your OEM wheels

These kits include everything you need including lines, hardware, and performance brake pads! The kit is compatible with your stock master cylinder AND parking brake.


  • Massive High Strength Six Piston Iron Calipers
  • Larger And Thicker 13.75" x 1.25" Rotors For More Thermal Mass
  • Bigger Brake Pads With High Friction Material
  • High Temperature Red Epoxy Finish For Durability
  • Includes All Hardware