Skyjacker 3.5" Front, 2" Rear Suspension Lift Kit w/ M95 Shocks | 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Rubicon

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Dual Rate Front and Rear Long-Travel Suspension Lift Kit with 3.5 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Lift Height (G350PMLT) by Skyjacker. Now is the time to find your definition of style and performance. Skyjacker suspension lift kits have all the built-in, whether you are looking for performance, quality, or innovative designs.

DUAL RATE-LONG TRAVEL systems the best of both worlds whether for on-road or off-road use. The 1st spring rate offers an exceptional highway ride & will expand when off-roading during articulation to keep the tires in contact with the ground much longer & the coils remain in the upper coil bucket even at full droop unlike linear rate coils. The 2nd rate, lower coils, only engage after compression past the 1st rate & allows consistent control & stability during body roll & heavy off-road suspension movement. Unique left & right coil spring utilized like OE & long travel front and rear Skyjacker shocks are length fitted to offer the maximum extension allowable for full articulation to complete this system.